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Hospitality is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. Do you think you have what it takes to make a career in the hospitality industry? Take the online hospitality quizzes and find out if you have what it takes to make customers happy.
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    Which department receives orders to deliver food and beverages to the guests' rooms?

The guest life cycle includes a certain process and formalities before checking into a hotel and maintaining a lifelong client relationship. If you’re new to hospitality or hotel industry, you may not have heard...

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    Which of the following front office activities are included in the arrival stage of the guest cycle?

What do you know about hospitality and restaurant management? There are many opportunities for hotel and restaurant manager. These changes could mean working on a ship during a cruise, in hotel chains, and casinos. Restaurant...

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    According to the Competency Guide, the best preparation for an evacuation plan is (9, 216)

Do you think you could pass this business quiz about hospitality and tourism? Hospitality and tourism management are multidisciplinary fields for training people with expertise, dedication, and skills for administration,...

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    One of the main functions of the legal procedure is to

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    Which of the following is one of the rights of customers in the travel and tourism industry: 

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Hospitality Questions & Answers

What should you do when persuading others to go along with a proposed change?
There are several different ways to persuade others, and the most important way is to let audiences know what they are missing. People often want to sell their idea based upon the benefits. You should highlight the positives and state what the organi
Which airlines serve the most appetizing food to their passengers?
All things are relative, it has been said. While that statement may not be true for literally…all…things, it is true for…most…things, most notably: food. When we fly, one aspect of that flight experience that is subject to
What is an example of primary hospitality and tourism market information?
Free reception for frequent travelers in which feedback is collectedFree reception for frequent travelers in which feedback is collected. Primary information is collected for the purpose at hand, while secondary information is collected for some othe
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