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Hospitality is the world’s fastest growing industry. Do you think you have what it takes to work in the hospitality industry? Take these quizzes and find out if you have what it takes to make customers happy.

Already a veteran of the hospitality force? Then step up and show us what you've got. The hospitality industry makes up what percentage of all jobs? What customer theory does the hospitality industry support? What types of business does the hospitality industry include? What types of skills are required of someone who wants to work in the hospitality industry? The people in the hospitality industry make our lives more pleasant. Take these quizzes today and gain a new appreciation for the hospitality industry.

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    According to the Competency Guide, the best preparation for an evacuation plan is (9, 216)

The guest life cycle includes a certain process and formalities before checking into a hotel and maintaining a lifelong client relationship. If you’re new to hospitality or hotel industry, you may not have heard...

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    Which of the following front office activities are included in the arrival stage of the guest cycle?

Below is a hospitality quiz. Hospitality is the connection between a visitor and a host. It involves the host treating the visitor with kindness, including the gathering and amusement of visitors, guests, or outsiders. A...

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    Residents of rural settlements are more likely than residents of urban settlements to work in

Section 4.1 - Quiz: Stages in the Guest Cycle

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    Which of the following front office activities are incluided in the arrival stage of the guest cycle?

Here's an example quiz we can send out to candidates...�Answer the following multiple choice questions. You will have 4 minutes to complete this quiz.�

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    28 + 17 =

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Hospitality Questions & Answers

What are the costs that have both a fixed and variable elements?
Semivariable costs since they are both fixed and variable not fully just one type of cost
What does 'lapping the customer' mean?
Lapping means systematically placing of Napkin in the lap while dinning. The first thing to do in a dinning immediately after seating before doing any other thing or before taking any other step is placing the napkin on the Lap. There are rules to f
Which of the following is an example of promotion in the hospitality industry?
A promotion in the hospitality industry would be when a hotel advertises a free breakfast for guests during a slow season on specific mornings. Breakfasts can be expensive at hotels, but when you have a free breakfast, it’s incentive for guests
Which of the following is the core product in the hospitality industry?
Lodging or hostel accommodation is a type of residential accommodation where people who travels or people who are staying away from home for more than a day need for sleep, relaxation, rest, food, safety, shelter from cold temperatures or rain, stora