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Retail Questions & Answers

How should you treat the other employees around you?
Je deviendrai ami avec mes collegues et garderai Le contact afin qie so il y a un probleme qu I'll m'en parole c'est tout.
What should you do if a customer walks into the shop?
B. Greet them and ask if you can help them; the polite way.
How should you spend your lunch hour?
1. By working overtime to earn extra money2. By going out to lunch with your fellow employees or friends/family3. By shopping in the store you work at4. If avalible, go to the caf e at your shop to eat lunch
Should you help customers while they're at the checkout? If yes, how?
Helping them pack their bags and promting them to do certain actions (e.g. Enter pin no., Hand over loyalty card) when accipible