Management Skills Assessments

Assess managerial skills & knowledge using professionally designed management assessment tests

Quickly evaluate a candidate's skills to manage projects and people using our management skills assessment tests designed by professionals. Evaluate their approach to managerial issues and assess knowledge. Choose from our collection of management skills assessment templates and customize them to suit your brand. With the help of these ready-to-use skills assessments, you can hire a prospective employee who has both management skills and expertise in the area they will manage. These assessment tests are auto-graded in real-time and the metrics can be accessed and shared with other decision-makers from anywhere, anywhere. ProProfs also offers ready-to-use premium leadership & management training courses. These courses are professionally designed and fully customizable with your existing content and branding.

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Leadership Skills Assessment

20 Questions

Project Management Skills Assessment

20 Questions

Management Skills Assessment

15 Questions

Business Etiquette Skills Assessment

12 Questions

Managerial Potential Assessment

20 Questions

Social Skills Assessment

12 Questions

Time Management Skills Assessment

20 Questions

Self Management Skills Assessment

12 Questions

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