Programming Language Skills Assessments

Expert-designed tests to assess programming language skills

Assessing programming skills is crucial when hiring for critical developer roles. Conduct online assessments and evaluate a candidate’s coding skills with our ready-to-use, professionally designed programming language skills assessments. You can customize these assessments by adding/editing questions, adding your company logo, theme, changing the background, fonts, and more. These assessment tests are auto-graded and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. You can track real-time candidate performance with AI-powered reports and analytics.

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Programming Languages

Android Skills Assessment

15 Questions

C Skills Assessment

15 Questions

C++ Skills Assessment

12 Questions

Hadoop Skills Assessment

15 Questions

Java Spring Skills Assessment

18 Questions

Ruby On Rails Skills Assessment

15 Questions

Python Skills Assessment

20 Questions

PHP JavaScript Skills Assessment

18 Questions

HTML CSS Skills Assessment

16 Questions

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