Finance & Accounting Skills Assessments

Assess finance & accounting skills using professionally designed tests

Quickly evaluate a candidate’s ability to measure, process, and communicate financial information using these ready-to-use finance and accounting skills assessment tests designed by professionals. Assess skills required for different finance roles in the company. These assessments are simple to use and can be customized to suit your brand and requirements. For example, you can add more questions, your company logo, change the background image, colors, fonts, theme, and more. The best part is - candidate’s responses are automatically graded and found under our AI-powered reports and analytics section.

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Finance & Accounting

Peachtree Skills Assessment

14 Questions

Financial Analyst Skills Assessment

14 Questions

Accounts Payable Skills Assessment

15 Questions

Accountant Skills Assessment

20 Questions

Accounting Manager Skills Assessment

16 Questions

Financial Regulatory Compliance Knowledge Assessment

20 Questions

Financial Skills Assessment

20 Questions

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