What is ActiveCampaign & Quiz Maker Integration?

  • Automate the most time-consuming tasks with this integration

    ActiveCampaign is a CRM software platform for marketing and sales automation. Integrating ProProfs with ActiveCampaign would not only boost user engagement but also allow you to segment your users into different mailing lists. Here is how this integration works:

  • Capture leads via lead forms
  • Send leads automatically to ActiveCampaign via API
  • Segment users based on their interests
  • Automate email campaigns
  • Send personalised follow-up emails
  • Track lead actions & send follow-up emails
  • Organize customer data in ActiveCampaign

Grow Leads & Close Sales Faster

  • Automate lead capture - populate mailing lists - track leads

    Integrate quizzes with ActiveCampaign to automatically send learner information to different marketing lists. Whenever a new learner takes a quiz, you get a notification and the data is pushed to your CRM, automatically. Track leads for engagement and share personalized emails to draw them in.

  • Email Marketing

    Send personalized newsletters and deals depending upon your users’ interests.

  • Marketing Automation

    Track lead actions and send automated follow-ups for effective communication.

  • Sales Automation

    Nurture your leads smoothly by prioritizing leads and managing contacts in your CRM.

Benefits of ActiveCampaign & Lead Quiz Integration

  • Let automation take care of your most time-consuming tasks

    Integrating Lead Quiz with ActiveCampaign take away most of your repetitive manual tasks such as building mailing lists, sending bulk emails, and keeping track of your potential leads. Simplify your email marketing and sales processes via ActiveCampaign integration with quiz easily.

  • Hassle-Free Lead Capture

    Automatically update mailing lists via ActiveCampaign API.

  • Boost User Engagement

    Send personalized emails with deals and discounts based on user interests.

  • Leave No Lead Behind

    Track every lead engagement (action) and send email notifications to pull them in.

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