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What is an online student assessment software?

An online student assessment software is a tool that helps teachers or educators to create tests to teach online. The assessment software allows them to not only create online exams but also helps them in automatically grading test papers, saving them tons of time and effort. Plus, access to advance reports and analytics helps in identifying knowledge gaps and helps in improving teaching methods. Since the tool is available online, tests can be delivered to a geographically dispersed audience and scheduled as per their convenience making anytime, anywhere learning possible.

How does it benefit teachers?

Online student assessments have many benefits. Teachers can easily create test that include multiple-choice, true/false, completion, essay writing or matching questions. Reports are automatically generated that permit teachers to view scores, grades, and assessment results for the entire class or individual students at any time. Teachers can understand knowledge gaps better and improve on their teaching styles. Tests can be accessed from a range of devices such as tablets, laptops and even smartphones; benefitting students and bringing more flexibility in the learning process.

Innovation in education technology and the popularity of distance education has propelled educators to revise and reshape teaching methods. With the advent of the digital medium, a number of educators are embracing the online environment and teaching online to meet the needs of their learners. Online student assessments are playing a crucial role in this.

Examples of online assessments:

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Top 3 uses of online student assessment softwares
It would not be an exaggeration to say that online exam software has revolutionized how teachers develop exams, grade tests, track results and overall teach their students. Everything from writing and distributing exams to grading them and assessing their results can be done with the use of a simple online tool.
It saves time - An online examination system can save you time at every step of the way. Use online libraries to access test questions or take advantage of ready made design templates to customize your assessments. Best of all, the automatic grading feature means teachers no longer have to spend their time grading and checking exams or providing feedback to each student individually—it can all be done within the system. They can even deliver digital completion certificates to all their learners!
It’s secure -  For teachers, security is the topmost concern while using online assessments. To address this, online assessments offer a variety of security features to help prevent cheating. You can randomize the order of the questions, shuffle answer order, and do much more to ensure students to not copy.
It’s easy - For many teachers, using a barrage of technologies can get very overwhelming. But this is not true of online assessment systems. Just basic knowledge of computers is required to start creating and administering high-quality tests. It’s easy and super effective!
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