Use computer-based assessment software to create and share online tests

What is computer based assessment software?

Computer based assessment software is a tool that helps corporate instructors and teachers to create online tests for online teaching. The software allows teachers to not only create online exams but also helps them in automatically grading test papers and managing the reports of students. Likewise, businesses can create and deliver tests to train a geographically dispersed workforce.

What’s in it for businesses?

One of the major requirements for any business is the need to constantly train their employees. Using the assessment software, companies can easily create tests and include them as part of their training programs. Tests can be designed or customized by adding company colors and logos too. Since computer based assessments are available online, trainers can easily schedule tests at multiple locations, at a single time. Additionally, advanced reports help trainers to track the progress of employees, making it easy for businesses to meet compliance training requirements.


What’s in it for teachers?
Educational technology is making a huge splash in classrooms from elementary schools to universities. One particular tool that has found a place in possibly all educational settings is the educational assessment software. Here are five reasons teachers should use the online assessments in the classrooms.


Tips to create a computer based assessment that drives up learner engagement
Add interactive content  - Instead of just questions, create assessments which contain videos, documents, presentations and even online content such as wiki and blogs.
Explore different question types -  Make your assessment more engaging by using different questions types such multiple choices, checkboxes, true or false, matching, fill in the blanks and more.
Keep questions short & simple - Watch the word-length of your questions. Avoid writing long question which confuses learners. Keep it simple, short and focussed.
Award certificates - You can motivate learners to complete assessments by awarding them custom designed certificates with your own colors, fonts and logos.
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