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What is an online career assessment?

Online career assessments are career-based tests widely taken by students or job-seekers. Mostly available at career centers, they are perfect for students and professionals who wish to make a switch in the careers. Online assessments can guide them in discovering which career or job is best for them. They explore the person’s personality, skills, interests, values, abilities, and accordingly suggest potential careers for them, some of which they may have never considered before.

What’s in it for businesses?

Career assessments show job-seekers and students their individual niches, making it easier for them to select professions that are most compatible with their personalities and interests. Companies involved in the business of training professionals can greatly benefit from online career assessments. They can create branded online assessments and administer them to learners who can take them anytime, anywhere. Tests can be beautifully designed by adding company colors and logos too. What’s more, they can even be scheduled as per the convenience of learners. Further, advanced reports generated can make it easier for career specialists to guide test takers in their professional choices.

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Considering the number of professional choices available today, most students and job-seekers are uncertain about their careers and find it challenging to select the best ones. As a career specialist or counselor, you can help them resolve this by creating career assessments or tests that guide them in making the right decision.
A good online assessment must contain valuable information that helps users make an informed career decision. The below 4 tips will help you create an assessment that will do just that:
Capture their values - A good career assessment must ask respondents what things are most important to them such as achievements, status and money. This is an important aspect and reveals a lot about an individual.
Ask them about their interests -  Career assessments must also capture what respondents enjoy doing. Do they like playing golf, taking long walks and hanging out with friends? Are they greatly driven by their interests? If so, then a career in a related field could be their solution.
Find out about their personality - The assessment must also ask questions associated with the person's individual traits, motivational drives, needs and attitudes to determine their personality type.
Discover their aptitudes - Aptitude may be defined as a natural skill or something one acquires through study or practice. The assessment must ask respondents about their special skills, such as writing, IT, or teaching. It must probe them and find out where their natural aptitude lies in (or which subject they are most inclined to study and further in)
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