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Easily Create Personality Tests

Edit pre-made assessments or build from scratch

Easily Create Personality Tests

Create and share best online career assessment test, assessment test for career choice, or a career assessment test for students easily with the ProProfs Career Assessment Software. It is one of the best career assessment tools and has over 100k customizable assessments. Choose from over 100,000+ ready-to-use questions available in 15 different types to create your assessments quickly.

Identify Personality Traits in Individuals

Create personality assessment tests with reliable results

Create a personality assessment quiz or career self-assessment tests to identify different personality traits in individuals with our Career Assessment Software. As one of the best career assessment tools, ProProfs lets you create personality tests in minutes. Explore 100+ online career assessment test templates. Offer insight that the individual didn’t have prior to taking the assessment and create personalized results.

  • 100+ assessment test templates
  • Easily identify personality traits
  • Create personalized results
  • Add notes for feedback

Analyze Results With Insightful Reports

Automate reports and stats to review performance

Run a career assessment online on your website with ProProfs career assessment software and get insightful reports. Analyze how your participants communicate and what their personality traits are. Use statistics to analyze the online career tests and access reports anytime, anywhere.

  • Access reports anytime, anywhere
  • Use stats to analyze test results
  • Import data from lead forms
  • See reports in Excel
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Personalize Tests With 100+ Customizations

Offer test-takers a fun and engaging experience

Turn boring vocational assessment tests into something fun and engaging by creating a career assessment quiz with our online career assessment software. It offers 100+ professionally designed themes, customizable certificates, and interactive media such as images and videos that you can use to make your tests fun. Add your logo and change background to personalize your career assessment tests with our career assessment software.

  • 100+ professionally designed themes
  • Personalize with your logo
  • Issue customized certificates
  • Add images & videos

Perfect For

Online Assessments
Online Assessments

Easily create & share online assessments with 100+ templates & question bank.

Personality Assessments
Personality Assessment

Identify different personality traits in individuals by creating a fun personality quiz.

Computer-Based Assessment
Computer-Based Assessment

Run & manage computer-based assessments online in a secure, cloud-based software.


  • Pre-made Assessment Templates Pre-made Templates

    ProProfs Quiz Maker offers 100k+ ready to use templates that can be used to edit and create an online career assessment test.

  • Test Question Banks Question Banks

    ProProfs Quiz Maker houses 100,000+ ready to use questions in its question bank that can be imported in a quiz, test or assessment.

  • 100+ Settings & Configuration in Your Test 100+ Settings & Configuration

    ProProfs Quiz Maker offers 100+ settings & smart configurations that let you customize your experience at security levels, integrations, permissions, etc.

  • AI-Generated Reports AI-Generated Reports

    ProProfs Quiz Maker automatically generates reports & stats for any quiz or test created on it. User can access these reports to view the quiz summary & individual learner reports.

  • Security Controls Security Controls

    ProProfs Quiz Maker offers security controls like question randomization, answer shuffling, question pooling, private quiz links, etc. that can be used to ensure security.

  • Access Online assessments Anytime, Anywhere Anytime, Anywhere Access

    Online assessments created on ProProfs can be easily shared via email, or be embedded on the website. They can be accessed anytime, anywhere on laptops, mobile phones or tablets.


  • Great for companies doing Online exams!
    Painless to execute an exam to several 100 global employees!
    Brenda Kesler
    Brenda Kesler,

    Ph.D. Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • Drive up traffic & website engagement
    ProProfs quiz maker is a great way to engage your visitors (most people will take the quiz, thus spend some time on your site and will be more willing to browse it further Quizzes are greatly shared and can be used to drive up traffic.
    Ann Smarty
    Ann Smarty,

    Editor, Search Engine Journal

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