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Say "ahhhhh"... Now take a deep breath. Once more... Good. What kind of a patient are you? Are you one of those who make doctors feel fulfilled with what they do? Or are you one who just makes them go bananas? You might just find out when you take the "Patient" quizzes.

We're here to run some minor tests. Feel free to choose from our wide selection of quizzes. Try the patient personality quizzes to discover your tendencies. Interested in some technical quizzes? We have some as well involving patient care, patient safety, and a whole lot more. I think I hear your pulse from here. Excited to take the tests? Just relax and keep those nerves under control. This is just one of those routine checkups. Good luck!

Score 90% or greater to pass the quiz. All answers are taken from the BHSc wiki.

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    Ettner studied the the relationship between continuity of care and health behaviours of patients. Which of these is not a finding from this study?

 A timed and scored examination that will measure a Patient Access Representative's ability to perform basic registration and insurance verification functions. This test is a mandatory examination that requires a passing score...

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    Per The Joint Commission standards, what is the minimum number of patient identifiers required to verify the identity of a patient? HINT: Patient Identifiers: Name, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Medical Record Number, etc.  

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    As a general rule, the patient's signature is required for each transport unless they are physically or mentally incapable of signing.

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Patient Questions & Answers

What is the first assessment you would make on a newly admitted patient?
Hello Justin82 How do I get the test answers after I have completed the 40 question test? Thank you, Tammy
Per The Joint Commission standards, what is the minimum number of patient identifiers required to verify the identity of a patient? HINT: Patient Identifiers: Name, Social Security Number, Date of...
Three The Joint Commission requires a minimum of three patient identifiers when confirming a patients identity. Registrars should only select a patient record only when three identifiers have been confirmed by the patient and/or family.
Which of the following condition of patient? If 44 year old woman brought to emergency because of a sudden and severe headache. Blood pressure is 160/90 mm Hg and pulse is 90/min. Pupils are...
The condition that the person has is probably hypertension. Most people do not usually feel a headache unless their blood pressure goes beyond 180. It is important that the person will be brought to the emergency room because there is a higher chance
What should I do with the patient who underwent hip surgery with moderate dementia? Should i teach the patient how to use a reacher or constantly give the patient verbal cueings?
In most cases, addressing this situation will most like not to work with just mere verbal cueing on the short run, but on the long run, it could, due to the fact that damages that have occurred in the patient’s brain would result into the inabi