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    1.  You are the recovery room nurse who is admitting a patient from the OR. What is the first assessment you would make on a newly admitted patient?

Identify the different body positions and explain the purpose of regular, frequent repositioning.

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    When a person is in  proper body alignment, an imaginary straight line can be drawn connecting the person's nose, breastbone, and pubic bone.

Exam 1

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    A student radiographer is placed in a treatment room with a patient who does not speak English. The patient becomes very agitated when left alone in the room with only the student. The patient's spose is in the waiting room and she is able to communicate in English. Which of the following  is the most appropiate response to this situation?

This quiz is for nurses that work in the ICU and care for the ventilator patient.

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    Identify three symptoms of VAP:

Craven chapter 43 review

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    Disrupted sleep affects the human body, because it results in

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Patient Questions & Answers

Why can't I drive behind an ambulance in traffic?
You can’t drive behind an ambulance in traffic because it is illegal to do so. The reason is that there are traffic laws about how ambulances should move in traffic that does not apply to regular vehicles. For instance, ambulances are permitted by
Which medication should the nurse prepare to administer?
In situations like this, the right medication that should be administered is Naloxone. This medication is used majorly to treat emergency cases of an opioid overdose. The patient in this question is showing symptoms associated with opioid overdose, t
Which of the following condition of patient? If 44 year old woman brought to emergency because of a sudden and severe headache. Blood pressure is 160/90 mm Hg and pulse is 90/min. Pupils are...
The condition that the person has is probably hypertension. Most people do not usually feel a headache unless their blood pressure goes beyond 180. It is important that the person will be brought to the emergency room because there is a higher chance
What should I do with the patient who underwent hip surgery with moderate dementia? Should i teach the patient how to use a reacher or constantly give the patient verbal cueings?
In most cases, addressing this situation will most like not to work with just mere verbal cueing on the short run, but on the long run, it could, due to the fact that damages that have occurred in the patient’s brain would result into the inabi
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