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    1.  You are the recovery room nurse who is admitting a patient from the OR. What is the first assessment you would make on a newly admitted patient?

The inpatient obstetrics RNC practice exam 1 quiz below will help you revise on this vital field of medicine which involves pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. How well do you know and understand the subject? Find out below.

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    The patient in triage is diagnosed with PTL, the nurse should expect that the physician will order?


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    Post-treatment home care instructions for electrology patients should include a recommendation?

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    Which of the following is an appropriate introduction to a patient?

Craven chapter 43 review

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    Disrupted sleep affects the human body, because it results in

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What type of condition the patient is suffering from? A patient reports to you that he has had aches and pains in his muscles for the past seven days. A blood test shows increased levels of...
1. carnitine acyltranferase deficiency-diseases of carnitine shuttlesystemic primary carnitine deficiency: slc22a5 gene on chromosome 5q31.1, renal re-uptake transporter octn2 (na+-cotransport). frequency faroe islands 1 in every 500, otherwise 1 in
How should this patient be registered? A patient is seen in the ED and states their elbow injury is a result of a motor vehicle accident. The patient was the driver. The patient has Allstate car...
When two cars collide, it is not only a question of responsibility; it is the time and place to consider what to do next — Allstate policy as primary and Blue Cross Blue Shield policy secondary. Auto insurance can help shield you from expensive
Which of the following condition of patient? If 44 year old woman brought to emergency because of a sudden and severe headache. Blood pressure is 160/90 mm Hg and pulse is 90/min. Pupils are...
The condition that the person has is probably hypertension. Most people do not usually feel a headache unless their blood pressure goes beyond 180. It is important that the person will be brought to the emergency room because there is a higher chance
What should I do with the patient who underwent hip surgery with moderate dementia? Should i teach the patient how to use a reacher or constantly give the patient verbal cueings?
In most cases, addressing this situation will most like not to work with just mere verbal cueing on the short run, but on the long run, it could, due to the fact that damages that have occurred in the patient’s brain would result into the inabi
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