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What is the first assessment you would make on a newly admitted patient?
Hello Justin82 How do I get the test answers after I have completed the 40 question test? Thank you, Tammy
Per The Joint Commission standards, what is the minimum number of patient identifiers required to verify the identity of a patient? HINT: Patient Identifiers: Name, Social Security Number, Date of...
Three The Joint Commission requires a minimum of three patient identifiers when confirming a patients identity. Registrars should only select a patient record only when three identifiers have been confirmed by the patient and/or family.
What policy will give me insurance for radiology?
1. The father s 2. Father s 3. Father 4. Oxford The fathers insurance is primary. The Birthday Rule applies to this case, as the parent whose birthday month is earlies in the year dictates which insurance should be billed as primary.
What will be the flow rate, in drops per minute, to administer the dose ordered? You receive an order for 250mg of Aminophylline in normal saline (total volume 500mL). The patient weighs 110 lb....
The correct answer to this question is A. To administer 250 mg of Aminophylline, you would need one 10ml vial. (Each 10ml vial is 25mg/ml. 250mg = 10ml.) This means, that for the toal volume of 500ml, you need 490ml of saline and 10ml of Aminophylli