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Bone Questions & Answers

What is the soft jelly-like tissue in the middle of certain bones called?
The answer to this is A. This is a semi-solid tissue that is usually found between some of the bones of the body. The bone marrow is known to be important because it produces the cells that people need throughout the day. There are about 200 billion
How many bones are there in the ankle? 
Its three cuneiforms and one cuboid. But I mean if we are talking what bones make up the ankle you have to include the tibia and fibula because of the malleolus. Technically the tarsal bones still only make up the foot. But the true bones are lateral
Which type of bone is the patella?
The patella is classified as a sesamoid bone, which is a small irregularly shaped bone, and it is embedded in a tendon or a muscle. The Kneecap, known as the patella, is the largest sesamoid bone in the human body; it is rooted within tendons, and th
Which bone is located on the lateral aspect of the arm?
The answer is "radius" not ulna. Because radius is on the lateral side of the body.