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A comprehensive database of more than 97 bone quizzes online, test your knowledge with bone quiz questions. Our online bone trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top bone quizzes.

Do you watch all those medical dramas on the telly? Well if you do then you’ll have a great chance of answering our quizzes all about bones in the human body. We sincerely hope you've boned up on your knowledge and can answer questions such as these.Do you know where the cervical vertebrae are located in the human body? Whereabouts are the cranial bones? If you broke your pisiform bone where would you be hurting? Can you tell us how many bones there are in one of your feet? Does the count of bones change as you get older and older?

Hopefully you can tell us the answers to those kinds of questions and not think tibia is an Italian village. You’ll probably already know just how many facial bones you have that will enable you to give a big smile when you get a top score in these quizzes.

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