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Oral Pathology- salivary gland diseases, etc.

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    A cyst is a pathologic epithelial lined sac with fluid.

Olfactory glands are a type of nasal glands that are very essential in our bodies. As we get to learn more about these glands and how they work. Do you think you understood that we learned in class these past weeks or do you need...

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    Olfactory glands

Tumors of salivary glands

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    The normal histology of salivary glands includes

Bailey's Chapter 37

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    CN VII exits the styloidmastoid foramen and

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    Loss of sensation from the temporal region and loss of secretory function of the parotid gland would be caused by interruption of which nerve?

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What is the most likely diagnosis? A 35 year old HIV positive female presents with slow bilateral enlargement of her salivary and lacrimal glands. Microscopically, marked lymphocytic infiltration...
Often times a serious and terminal disease can lead to other diseases and ailments. In this case, a patient who has HIV may experience other issues as well. This patient who is relatively young is now feeling a difference and probably painful sensati
What is the difference between Sebaceous And Sweat Glands?
Both sebaceous and sweat glands give off fluids onto the top of the skin. The primary difference between sebaceous glands and sweat glands is that sebaceous glands secrete sebum into hair follicles, and sweat glands exude sweat. Sebum is an oily mate
Where is salivary heterotopic tissue most likely to be found?
Near the parotid gland; in the extra nodal space