Spanish Body Parts Quizzes & Trivia

This is a spanish body part quiz. It has all the basic body parts.

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    What is eye is spanish?

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Spanish Quiz over the body parts

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Do you know these parts of the body and what they are called in Spanish? Well, here is your chance to testify. Take this quiz to know more.

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Body Parts Test Spanish

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Spanish Body Parts Questions & Answers

What is spanish for "Legs"?
In Spanish legs is las piernasnot los brazos.(WHY MUST The Answer be 10 words :{
How do you say fingers in spanish?
Actually the question states fingers which is los dedos instead of one finger which is el dedo. Your grammar is technically incorrect and it is unfortunate because it caused me to answer a question incorrectly. I strongly suggest you check your answe
Los dedos
El cuello