Urine Quizzes & Trivia

Educational quiz for simple information about urinary system, roles of the kidney and urine formation.

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    1- Number of nephrons the Kidney contains

All things urine! 

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    Specific gravity is to measure

Simple quizz for chemical biochemical evaluation of urine

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    Pre-eclampsia is charecterized by:

Microscopical urine examination 

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    RBC's normal range in urine:

In this quiz dealing with the urinary system, we’ll be putting you to the test against the root words of some of the terms most commonly associated with the system, be it from Latin or otherwise.

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Urine Questions & Answers

What is the normal urine specific gravity?
If you have not heard about Urine Specific Gravity before then it is about time that you get to know more about this. This is usually measured through urinalysis. This will help determine if the kidneys are working properly. The details that will be
What is PISS?
Pin index safety system