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Can you tell a tetrapod from an octopod? What distinguishes the pectoral girdle from the pelvic? Why is it that humans walk so easily on two legs while our closest primate relatives prefer to keep to all fours?

Limbs – in a wide variety of numbers, shapes, and sizes – help animals to move, feed, and reproduce. The ten highly specialized limbs of a crayfish, to a monkey’s prehensile tail, to our own two hands and feet: there’s a lot to learn about the amazing analogous structures that exist in nature, from the wings of bats to birds and butterflies, as well as the history of homology that explains why the bones in a human arm are so similar to those in dogs, horses, and even whales. Like learning about limbs? Take our quiz to find out more!


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    How many bones are in the hand?

A limb is a jointed appendage of the human body or in that of any animal that exists. In humans, the parts of the body which are referred to as the arms and legs constitute the upper and lower limbs. For many animals, the purpose...

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    The presence of linea aspera, intercondylar notch and an interior bow to the shaft aptly refers to which of the following?

Preparation to rip limb from limb!!!    

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    What will happen to Cloverleaf this week?

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Limb Questions & Answers

What are #1-6?
1. 1. distal phalanx 2. middle phalanx 3. proximal phalanx 4. distal phalanx 5. proximal phalanx 6.sesamoids