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Ouch, that hurts! Though we do not intend to cause you actual pain but here are some quizzes on the topic. Can you make it through our pain quizzes unscathed? We prepared some questions to see how much you know about getting hurt. These are just a few samples, so you can test the water before going in: What causes pain and how do we stop it? Why does it hurt?

Does the brain feel pain? What does psychogenic pain means? Why is the ability to experience pain essential? Medically speaking, the term “myalgia” refers to what type of pain? The term “arthralgia” refers to pain located where? What is the common site of joint pain? Answer quickly and get rid of that pain in the neck. You should be feeling better in no time at all.

Mark the letter of the letter of choice then click on the next button. Score will be posted as soon as the you are done with the quiz. You got 30 minutes to finish the exam. Good luck!

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  • Sample Question
    1. A chronic pain client reports to you, the charge nurse, that the nurse have not been responding to requests for pain medication. What is your initial action? 

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    Many people imagine that a life without pain is desirable. Evidence from people with chronic pain insensitivity indicate that

Chronic cervical pain is one of the most debilitating conditions a person can experience. Roughly two-thirds of the population will suffer from neck pain at some point in their lives. Most therapists find working with...

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    The C4 ligament when injured can cause pain in the neck, scapula, upper arm, and chest?

Abdominal pain has the power to reduce an individual’s activity level by more than a half and should be checked out by a medical practitioner. As a medical practitioner how conversant are you with the causes, diagnosis...

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    Infantile colic usually presents between the ages of:(Choose one correct answer)

Millions of people suffer from debilitating knee injuries. Whether your clients are competitive athletes or couch potatoes, you’re certain to encounter individuals with knee problems. For anyone who likes to bike, hike, ski,...

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    If there is swelling in the knee, it is most likely a ligament or joint injury. 

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Pain Questions & Answers

What is the relationship between the experience of pain and some types of psychopathology?
The correct answer to this question is D. Past research has shown that people who suffer from severe chronic pain are more likely than others to also have a disorder such as anxiety or depression. However, the causal relationship between the two vari
A 3 year-old child presenting with vomiting and/or diarrhoea should be referred due to the risk of dehydration.
The answer is true due to the loss of fluid through diarrhea and vomiting causing hypovolemia... are they showing signs of dehydration. how long have they been sick for children tend to compensate well
What is a primary function of pain?
Warning Avoidance Protection Repair