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Pain Management Questions & Answers

What does it mean to give comfort to a patient?
1. Give strength and hope2. To cheer3. To ease the grief, pain or trouble of anotherP. 394
What are the physical effects of unrelieved pain?
1. Increased oxygen demand2. Respiratory dysfunction, 3. Decreased GI motility, Anxiety, Depression, Irritability4. Confusion, depressed immune responseP. 398
What action should you take first? As the charge nurse, you are reviewing the charts of clients who were assigned to a newly graduated RN. The RN has correctly charted the dose and time of...
Give praise for the correct dose and time and discuss the deficits in charting. In supervising the new RN, good performance should be reinforced first and then areas of improvement can be addressed. Asking the nurse about knowledge of pain managemen
What is your best response? A family member asks you, Why cant you give more medicine? He is still having a lot of pain.
€Please tell him that I will be right there to check of him.” Directly ask the client about the pain and do a complete pain assessment. This information will determine which action to take next.