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The human body has at least eleven organ systems and each has a clear function that aids the body to work, as it should be. Do you have a clear understanding of which organs belong to which system and their functions? Take up...

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    The tonsils belong to which system?

Identify body systems from short description or parts of that system. Multiple Choice.

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    Protects, supports, & allows movement

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    How did you order number 5?

This is a review of the body systems that we have covered.

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    The brain of the cell is the _____.

The body systems and related conditions. 

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    Which body systems controls and coordinates all boby activites?

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Body System Questions & Answers

Which system do the pancreas belong to?
Correct answer is option A The pancreas is an organ in the body that belongs to two systems: the digestive system and the endocrine system, since endocrine is not mentioned in the options above, digestive system is the single most correct answer. Th
Which system do the eyes belong to?
But eyes belong to the integumentary part. It is one of the organ from which we can see and therefore it comes under sensory organs.
Which system of our body controls the glands of the body?
The endocrine system is composed of the different glands that are in charge of producing the different hormones that the body needs. The hormones that are produced are meant to regulate people’s metabolism. They are also meant to improve the gr