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    A 74-year-old woman with well-controlled HTN who is taking HCTZ presents with a 3-day history of unilateral throbbing headache with difficulty chewing because of the pain. On physical exam, you find a tender, noncompressible temporal artery. BP is 160/88 mmHg, apical pulse is 98 bpm and respiratory rate is 22/min. The patient is visibly uncomfortable. The most likely diagnosis is:

This quiz covers the assessment of the ear, nose, and throat.

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    Where on the tympanic membrane does the cone of light reflect in the right ear?

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    1. Cotton swabs are a safe and easy way to clean wax from inside your ears.

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What does that indicate if bone conduction is greater than air conduction?
Conductive hearing lossConductive hearing loss is when the transmission of sound in the pathway from the external to internal ear is disrupted; bone conduction is not impacted because bone conduction skips the external and middle ear. Both trauma and