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Pills come in different prescription and use, and some of the ones we covered this week are anti-inflammatory, infectious, and parasitic drugs. Have you been paying attention and think that you are well capable of answering the...

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This quiz tests knowledge of infection transmission, infection control, and infection prevention in the health care setting.

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  • Sample Question
    The Chain of Infection is a model of:

Infectious and Inflammatory Disorders of the urinary tract. Types of Urinary Tract Infections, diagnostic tests and treatment.

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  • Sample Question
    _________ infections are among the most common Urinary Tract Infections. (multiple response)

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  • Sample Question
    What is the most common cause of anaphylaxis?

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Infection Questions & Answers

What is the chain of infection a model of?
It is 4. How infections can be prevented. It is a model that gives information to prevent epidemics. By knowing the chain of infection, one can break it and stop proliferation of disease.
What can happen if you sneeze too hard or if you try to suppress a sneeze?
Some people may think that sneezing is very harmless but trying to stop a sneeze can be very hard to do and can be dangerous to the body. Sneezing too hard can sometimes cause the spine to become injured. There are also some who die because of a snee
What is the best target for the treatment of viral diseases?
Unique Viral DNA should also be an option, because if one can remove viral DNA or stop viral DNA, then we can elminate the possibility of virus continuing to replicate
Viruses can survive outside of the cell.
Virus are intracellular obligate parasites but they can live out side  they are not died they replicate when they are inside