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  • Can I cure a nose cold within 24 hours?
    Can I cure a nose cold within 24 hours?
    Technically speaking, there is no guaranteed cure for a nose cold😭. But, you can take some cold remedies and avoid a few nasty things from doing to clear up your stuffy nose 🤧. There are some natural remedies which might be proved as effective to reduce the symptoms of crap cold and you’d stop feeling miserable afterward. To feel better and cure a cold 🤧 to some extent, you can opt for remedies given below: Drink as much you can: Drink normal water, ginger or lemon or green tea, and herbal tea ☕. They are a good choice. You should drink as much as you can because it will moisten (as well as lubricate) your throat and keep you hydrated.   Take vitamin C: Vitamin C is highly useful for fighting against infections in our body. For taking Vitamin C, you need to eat papayas, citrus fruits, broccoli etc. which can help you to make your immune system stronger and better at preventing colds. Take steam: It might prove to be the most effective out of all the remedies given here. You can lose your stuffy nose to some extent by breathing in steam. For this, you need to hold a bowl of hot water and inhale and exhale slowly through the nose. Be cautious while doing so as your carelessness might burn your nose.   Keep your body warm: Take some rest lying under the blanket. This will help you keep warm.   Use a nasal ring: Nasal ring fights 😪 with the germs inside your nose and may relieve some symptoms.

  • Which is not a way of verifying NG tube placement at the bedside?
    Which is not a way of verifying NG tube placement at the bedside?
    Do not instill air to test location of tube. It is not reliable and may cause harm. Perry et al., 2014  

  • Which is the most suitable option here? Enteral feedings are administered to clients through ________ systems.
    Which is the most suitable option here? Enteral feedings are administered to clients through ________ systems.
    I know the answer had trouble with the mouse\

  • Is the following true or false? NG tubes are used for clients who have adequate gastric emptying and who require short term feedings.
    Is the following true or false? NG tubes are used for clients who have adequate gastric emptying and who require short term feedings.
    Melissa True most doctors dosent recommend a patient have a ng tube in for a while ( tissues begin to breakdown in mouth ) anything longer doctor would probably order peg tube

  • Why is nose blocked at night?
    Why is nose blocked at night?
    It's common knowledge that stuffy noses get stuffier when one lays down. But, why is that? While it's normal to think that a blocked nose is due to congestion, that isn't the main problem. Although congestion can play a part, there are reasons for blockage that actually contribute more to the issues. Laying down causes gravity to pull more on the body. That means blood flows more and the upper part of the body, especially, experiences a faster, higher rate of blood circulation. The nasal cavity has many blood vessels, most of them tiny. They tend to become inflammed at times and when this happens and one is lying down, it is more pronounced. Furthermore, the nose is more likely to collect mucus when in a horizontal position. Another factor is that there is less going on and the stuffiness is more noted because an individual is still and quiet, able to pay attention to blockage and their difficulty breathing. Nose blockage is definiately worse at night for most people. Running essential oil through a diffuser with eucalypus or another respriatory aid is helpful.

  • What is the difference between Nose and Tail of a Skateboard?
    What is the difference between Nose and Tail of a Skateboard?
    There are a lot of people who may get confused with the nose and tail of the skateboard because they may look similar to each other in the skateboard. There are some skateboards wherein it will be more evident which one is the nose and which one is the tail. Some traditional skateboards will come with noses that are slightly broader as compared to the rear of the skateboard. If you want to know which is which, you can look at the front and the end portion of the skateboard. The front part will serve as the nose while the back portion will serve as the tail.

  • Why and how does nose bleed?
    Why and how does nose bleed?
    Nose bleeds are caused because tiny little blood vessels that are in the septum( which is the thin area between the nostrils) break for various reasons. If your nasal passages get too dry, your nose may bleed. If you pick your nose, chances are, your nose will bleed. Taking cold medicines too often can bloody your nose as can getting socked in the nose or bumping it on something. High elevation can be the reason for a nose bleed too. Regardless of why your nose began to bleed, what is happening is that the tiny blood vessels are bursting and releasing blood. When it bleeds out, it is nature's way of keeping the blood from going back into your system so it's all good, just inconvenient.

  • What can someone do to prevent nose bleeding?
    What can someone do to prevent nose bleeding?
    There are a good number of reasons for nose bleeds. Knowing the reason why a nose bleed is occuring is important so you can prevent it from happening again. If your nose tends to bleed when it is dried out, keep it moisturized and use a saline rinse from time to time. If your nose bleeds when you go to high elevations, a saline rinse or humidfier can help. Picking your nose is a sure culprit for causing a nose bleed so use a tissue and don't stick your finger up your nostril if possible. Getting hit in the nose will cause it to bleed so, avoid fights if you can and when goofing around, pay careful attention to your nose. Smoking, frequent use of cold medicines, and getting too overheated can cause your nose to bleed as well so beware of the things your nose is sensitive to and work on awareness. All in all though, nose bleeds are to rid your body of a backflow of blood so blow it out and go with the flow.

  • Why does nose start bleeding at high altitude?
    Why does nose start bleeding at high altitude?
    Nose bleeds are obnoxious and embarrassing at times. They seem to happen at just the wrong time like when you are out on a first date or wearing all white. There are a number of reasons your nose might bleed. Picking your nose will oftentimes make it bleed. High elevation will cause it to bleed too because capilaries bust. Getting socked in the nose is sure to start a nose bleed. Being congested is a common reason for bleeding through the nose as well because the build up of pressure causes capilaries to break.  Nose bleeds are fun but it is better for the blood to come out of your body than it is to go back into it so be sure to let in bleed if it must. Blow out what you can and if it persists, raising your nose up into the air may be the only way you can make it stop but don't let the blood flow back in too much if possible.

  • Why does nose get cold and red?
    Why does nose get cold and red?
    When your body gets cold, usually your nose is one of the first body parts to show it. It not only gets cold but it turns red too. Why is that though? When your body is exposed to a cold temperature, it too begins to get cold. It slows down all functions in order to conserve heat. Since your nose doesn't require a lot of blood to keep it functioning, blood from your nose is redirected to other areas where it is severely needed, like your heart and your lungs. Rudolf's nose is really cute when it's red but most people don't like to have a red nose. But it is certainly better than the option of being deficient on blood to your lungs, heart, and extremities. So think of it as nature's solution and maybe it won't be so bad.

  • Why are human noses so sensitive to smells?
    Why are human noses so sensitive to smells?
    Human noses have 10,000 scents they can pick up on. While that's not near as many as dogs have, it's still a lot. The nose is powerful, able to sniff essential oil and command the body to perform as the properties of the oils dictate. But what is it about a nose that makes it about to smell? The nose has tons of receptors in it - like 400 of them. Furthermore, it protrudes from one's face so it can catch sniffs. Everything about the nose is set up to succeed as far as scents and smells go. It takes a scent and sends it to the brain and the brain makes to decision of what to do with the scent. Sometimes it reminds us of something good or something bad. Sometimes, as in the case of essential oils, it tells the body to relax or to heal. The nose is an amazing thing. The 400 sensories that are packed in it are loaded with abilities to make the scent something good, like a rose, or something poop. Somehow, someway, the nose and its components all make scents.  

  • How can I get rid of a nose cold?
    How can I get rid of a nose cold?
    Getting rid of a nose cold is easy if you do it the natural way. A saline rinse made of distilled water and dissolved sea salt is superb and works right away. You can also start diffusing essential oils immediately and also apply some peppermint and a carrier oil to run on your chest and just under your nose. When taking an over the counter medication, be careful that you take one for the symptoms you have. You can easly get ahold of one that is for a stuffy nose and make your runny nose even worse. Natural remedies are usually best and are safer too. Running a vaporizer will help you unclog your nose but it has benefits for runny noses too. Blow your nose often to get the junk out and drink plenty of water and be sure to rest up too.