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Name this muscle

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    Name this muscle ?

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    Which movement has the greatest range of motion in the ankle joint?

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    How many phalanges are in one foot?


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    What is wrong with this Foot

The foot is much an important body part just as the other parts of the body. Specifically focusing on the dorsum and the front of leg find out more on these specific parts and how they aid movement through the quiz below. All...

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    1- For the  tibialis anterior muscle all are true Except:  a)     is an invertor of the foot b)     is attached to the navicular bone c)     is innervated by the deep peroneal nerve d)     is attached to the tibia. 

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Foot Questions & Answers

What is the action of plantar interossei muscles?
This can't adduct the 2nd toe because the plantar interossei don't attach to the 2nd toe. The plantar interossei originates on the medial base of toes 3-5 and attaches to the respective med proximal phalances in the inner sling of said toes.
What is the difference between Footnotes and Endnotes?
Both footnotes and endnotes are used and located in a piece of writing on a paper. They are seldom confused at most would believe they have the same function. For clarification, a footnote, as the name suggests, can be located at the bottom of a page
What is the difference between Flip Flops and Sandals?
Flip flops and sandals are foot wares which can be worn by both males and females. The two foot wares can be made in different ways and designs. While both Flip flops and sandals are serving the same purpose, however, there are some differences betwe