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Foot Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Footnotes and Endnotes?
Both footnotes and endnotes are used and located in a piece of writing on a paper. They are seldom confused at most would believe they have the same function. For clarification, a footnote, as the name suggests, can be located at the bottom of a page
What is the difference between Flip Flops and Sandals?
Flip flops and sandals are foot wares which can be worn by both males and females. The two foot wares can be made in different ways and designs. While both Flip flops and sandals are serving the same purpose, however, there are some differences betwe
Patient complains of ankle pain and swelling after a game. Physical exam finds moderate inversion laxity with the ankle held in dorsiflexion, with the ankle in plantar flexion , no inversion is...
Cfl has relations with dorsiflexion and like the statement stated he didnt have any problems with plantar flexion so that rulled out the ATFL
Which of the following statements are true of Athletes foot?
Caused by a fungal infection Also know as Tinea Pedis Starts with itching between the toes Raw areas of thick peeling skin are found between the toes The client should be advised to seek treatment from their GP or Pharmacist