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Sleep is an important yet often neglected component of an individual’s overall health. Take these online sleep quizzes to know how much sleep you need, various sleep stages, mechanisms that control sleep time, and much more.
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How much sleep do you need? Everyone varies when it comes to how much sleep someone needs. It depends on a few key factors—one of them being your age. Younger children need between 9 and 11 hours of sleep each night, and...

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    How do you feel about mornings?

Did you know that alcohol doesn't actually help you sleep? And that snoring can actually be a sign of something more serious? If you want to learn more about sleep and what it takes to wake up in the morning, then this quiz is...

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    Sleep disorders are mainly due to psychological problems.

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    When you loose sleep, you accumulate a sleep debt.

Here is a 10 question quiz over our powerpoint presentation on Rest and Sleep.  Some questions are true and false, multiple choice, and select all that apply.  Good Luck!

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                                     is a state of rest accompanied by altered consciousness and relative inactivity.

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    How many hours of sleep do 10-12-year-olds need?

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Sleep Questions & Answers

Can someone die during sleep paralysis?
Sleep paralysis is not considered to be dangerous, although it may feel very dangerous for those who are experiencing it. People who experience it are unable to move. They sometimes experience some demons while they are in between waking up and becom
What is sleep paralysis?
Sleep paralysis is when you are conscious of your sleep, but not able to move. It occurs when a person passes between periods of wakefulness and sleep. There are two kinds of sleep paralysis, which include hypnopompic or postdormital sleep, which ari
How can I get out of sleep paralysis?
There are certain precautions you can take before sleep to possibly prevent sleep paralysis. Also, there are measures you can follow to bring yourself out of it when you awaken from sleep. The first and most prominent bit of advice is to make sure th
What significance does sleep have in psychology?
Sleep is known to be one of the things that the body needs in order to survive. The brain will be able to recover better. Those who are not able to sleep well might have some trouble remembering the things that they have to do. Those who have encount
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