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The terms Hearing, Equilibrium, Olfaction and Gustation may seem daunting upon first glance, but really they’re just a fancy way of saying hearing, balance, smell and taste. This quiz will deal with the human senses. Good...

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    Structure "A" is part of the inner ear.

This Quiz teaches you about Deafness and living with it! Have fun!

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     What is deafness?

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 100
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    The energy loss in a sound as it travels from one ear to the other is called ________________.

Hearing Questions & Answers

What does this refer to when a clinician sees a shadow curve on the audiogram?
Correct answer is option B – air threshold differences of at least 40dB between ears. A shadow curve on the audiogram is a false audiogram curve that is obtained when sound presented to one ear is heard on the opposite ear. This audiogram is re
What is this in hearing disorders?
CholesteatomaNotice the bulgin portion of the ear drum: cholesteatoma grows from tissue of ear drum squamous cell carcinoma is on skin cells, usually found on pinna or concha in addition to face, arms, legs, etc. otosclerosis occurs in the middle ea
What might you observe? If the resident has increasing hearing problems.
Over 200,000 cases of hearing the loss in the United States each year. There are many things that one may observe in a patient when they experience hearing loss. To observe hearing loss, tests may be done to see how extensive the damage is. A friend
Identify A:
Mitral Cell Mitral cell Mitral cell