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Almost every schoolchild can name the Five Sense: Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, and Touch. But whether or not you realize it, you have many more senses than that! What sense keeps you from falling down or tipping over?

Which sense lets you detect when things are hot or cold – even if you don’t actually touch them? If you can close your eyes and touch your nose with one finger (and without peeking!), what’s the name of the sense that allows you to do that?

There are far more than just five senses, and the range of sense available varies widely by species, too. If you want to know more about the senses that help you to interact with the wide world around you, take our quizzes to find out more!
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    What does mud taste like?


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    We have ________ senses.

In this quiz on the sensory organs, we discuss the science behind the parts of your body responsible for your perception of sound, smell, sight, taste and touch. How much do you know about the organs you use every day?

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    We have 3 sensory organs.

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    What Are The Little Bumps On Your Tongue Called?

Someone who inspires others to follow them in whatever they do or say is said to be charismatic. These types of people are very attractive and have a large group of friends who find motivation from them. Do you think you fall...

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    When I meet somebody new, I usually ask them more questions than they ask me.


Sense Questions & Answers

How to have a good sense of humor?
Having a great sense of humor is one of the qualities that can grant you access to people's life. A lot of people naturally like those who are funny. However, how do you have a good sense of humor? It is very easy. First of all, you need to think of
What is the thin projection of bone at the midline that holds the cartilage called?
The septum is a structure which separates the right from the left nasal cavity, resting in the middle of the nose. It is made of cartilage and bone, and both together create the septum. The septum is technically made up of two pink sides that surroun
What cells of the eye are most sensitive to light?
The retina is at the posterior part of the eye. It contains cells that respond to light. It contains two types of photoreceptors, which are rods and cones. Rods are most sensitive to light; a human eye contains about 125 million rods; they are necess