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Relationship Psychology Questions and Answers

  • We tend to form intimate relationships with people whom we regard as similar in physical attractiveness to ourselves.
    Relationship psychology question from

  • ______ is a phenomenon were very attractive people tend to get together, as do moderately attractive people and unattractive people.
    Relationship psychology question from

  • Factors that influence attraction includes:  (Select three)
    Relationship psychology question from

  • The ______ rule is the idea that we make up our minds whether we find something or someone appealing very quickly whilst gathering all kinds of information seemingly unconsciously.
    Relationship psychology question from

  • The theory suggested by Byrne-Clore (1970), called the ‘______’ suggests the environment and in particular the situation we’re in when we meet a person for the first time can have an enormous influence on our response to them.
    Relationship psychology question from

  • The Reinforcement-Affect theory asserts that we need to know both the rewards and sanctions that a relationship will yield and cause us some kind of grief before fully committing to its further development and continuity.
    Relationship psychology question from

  • The subject of psychology traditionally has tended to focus on explaining the mind and behaviour.
    Relationship psychology question from

  • By studying people who have experienced depression psychologists have hoped to find out why they have developed it and of course how best to treat it in order to help them recover.
    Relationship psychology question from

  • Positive psychology is a term that was first introduced by ______ in 1998.
    Relationship psychology question from

  • In typical heterosexual relationships there’s a common belief that males and females often clash due to communication difficulties.
    Relationship psychology question from

  • Citing evidence from decades of research, Baron-Cohen (2004) states that on average women tend to have variations of what he refers to as a ‘sympathising’ brain.
    Relationship psychology question from

  • The way the brain stores information also affects the way we use language.
    Relationship psychology question from

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