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Which option will best fill in the blanks to complete the following sentence? Rods are photoreceptors that allow us to perceive _____, while cones allow us to see _____.
Rods are photoreceptors that allow us to perceive the stars at night, while cones allow us to see a yellow car during the day. Rods are responsible for vision at a low light level and cones are active in better-lit environments. Cones are also respon
What happens when adaptation of the eye occurs to view objects in a dark room?
The pupil increases in size and the rods become active
What have the scientific studies of subliminal messages shown thus far?
Scientific studies of subliminal messages has thus far shown little to no effect on the behavior. It is considered to be an idea but scientifically sleeping, it does not really work. It is an idea that comes under the domain of psychology. Psycholog
What phenomenon has caused Robbies surprise? Robbie has been sitting in the hot tub for 30 minutes. He emerges and immediately jumps into the pool nearby. Robbie screams because the pool water is...
The answer to this is letter B. This may not be the answer that you will first think about but the other given choices just do not fit. Sensory overload is the sensation of feeling overwhelmed when the senses are subjected to certain stimulation for