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Situational Judgement Questions & Answers

What is the next step in this situation? You recently received an evaluation of your work as a customer service representative. Your supervisor suggested that you work on speaking more clearly to...
If your evaluation has suggested that you are not speaking clearly enough to customers, there may be a workshop that will focus upon clarity of communication and if so it would be the best solution to take it. However, a helpful and objective friend
How should you handle the situation? Your supervisor asks you to operate the forklift during your shift. He and your co-workers rely on you to operate the forklift carefully and follow safety...
1.Complete the job as you have been instructed, using what you remember from training to help you. 2. Ask if a co-worker can help you at the beginning of your shift in case you have any questions.
How should you handle the situation? You work for an insurance company. Each week the sales team meets to discuss new products and sales strategies. During today’s meeting, Veronica is...
Tell Veronica that she is being her typical rude and loud self, just like everyone says. Tell Veronica that because of her talking on the phone, you are having difficulty hearing that the supervisor is saying.
How should you handle this situation? You are a delivery driver for a restaurant. You are frustrated because you seem to be assigned all the deliveries that are on the outskirts of town. Because...
Propose that the drivers split the tips equally so that it is in everybody s best interest to make as many deliveries as possible. Speed on your way to make the deliveries so that you can try to make more deliveries.