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Child psychology is one of the many branches of psychology and it focuses on the mind and behavior of children from prenatal development through adolescence. One of the facts about children is that their learning process begins...

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    There are quite often no clear answers as to whether a behaviour is learned or innate.

Children, unlike adults, have a hard time getting over a bad experience or expressing their feelings and views on a given subject, and therefore some of them have to see a therapist to help them heal. The quiz below is prepared...

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    In what psychosocial stage of development would you find a two-year-old?

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    What age do children grasp objects?

Child psychology is an intriguing topic because it gives us a number of insights into the human brain – first of all, it allows us to see what the average child thinks about and where their priorities lie, among other such...

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  • Sample Question
    The infant will begin to behave differently with the mother, forming a closer attachment from the second or third month.

Child psychology is one of the most studied areas, and this can be because it offers a chance to understand the mind and behavior of a child from birth to adolescence. In chapter 3 of the basic child psychology class, we got to...

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  • Sample Question
    Which of the following applied to day nurseries in 1951? (Select 3)

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