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Child Psychology Questions and Answers

  • There are quite often no clear answers as to whether a behaviour is learned or innate.

  • Which of the following are examples of reflexes? (Select 3)

  • What is the stepping reflex an example of?

  • The infant will begin to behave differently with the mother, forming a closer attachment from the second or third month.
    Child psychology question from

  • Which of the following are attachment behaviours? (Select 3)
    Child psychology question from

  • Schaffer and Callender demonstrated that infants did not protest at being separated from their mothers until approximately what age?
    Child psychology question from

  • Which of the following applied to day nurseries in 1951? (Select 3)
    Child psychology question from

  • In 1976, Klaus and Kennell found that if a separation occurs during the first four hours following delivery, it has no effect on her creating a bond with her baby.
    Child psychology question from

  • What was the mistake that Bowlby made in his study of 44 juvenile thieves?
    Child psychology question from

  • What is the simplest and most widely used technique for drawing a sample from a population?
    Child psychology question from

  • There is no straight-forward answer as to how many subjects to include in an investigation.
    Child psychology question from

  • Which of the following are examples of basic experimental designs? (Select 3)
    Child psychology question from

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