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  • In-group bias is the

  • People who are less likely to help someone because there are a lot of people present would be exhibiting:

  • At first Jimmy did not like his teacher, but after sitting in this teacher's class for a number of weeks Jimmy as started to like his teacher. this new perspective would be an example of:

  • You would probably be least likely to commit the fundemental attribution error in explaining why:

  • A life insurance salesperson who takes advantage of the foot in the door phenomenon would be most likely to:

  • Which theory assumes that we adopt certain attitudes in order to justify our past actions?

  • As the number of bystanders who are present at the scene of an emergency increases, the probability that any bystander will help_____ and the length of time that passes before help occurs
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  • The tendency that bystanders have to rely on what other bystanders do and say, even though no one is really sure about what is happening or even what to do about the emergency at hand is called 
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  • Research has indicated that individuals are more likely to help a _____ victim as compared to a ______ victim
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  • What is the definition of the belief in the superiority of ones own ethnic group stand for?
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  • Researcher who invented the electric shock investigation.
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  • What did Zimbardos main experiment include?
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