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Imagination Questions and Answers

  • What is something you fail at? 
    Imagination question from

  • Did you have an imaginary friend when you were growing up? 
    Imagination question from

  • Can you actually get your dream job? 
    Imagination question from

  • After you read a good book you -
    Imagination question from

  • You suddenly find out you're being forced to paint! In a matter of life and death, you paint -
    Imagination question from

  • You suddenly get a great idea! Immediatly you -
    Imagination question from

  • You may always enjoy hearing _______ from others, but do not let this flattery go to your head.
    Imagination question from

  • It is considered disrespectful to ______ another's culture, religions, or beliefs.
    Imagination question from

  • Before working on their essays, the students constructed a(n) ____ for their final product.
    Imagination question from

  • She had a __________ that the storm was going to be big because of the huge gray clouds up in the sky.
    Imagination question from

  • The students chose not to read the novel of their _________.
    Imagination question from

  • Grandma Lucy had a(n) ________ that Christmas was going to be memorable because her grandchildren were visiting.
    Imagination question from

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