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    Whats a Laboratory Experiment?

This quiz involves what is there to study for the Unit 3 Psychology Sac (3). The topic for this quiz is analysing data.

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    A study was conducted to investigate if alcohol will influence driving ability. What is the IV and the DV for this experiment?

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    The term variable may best be defined as a:

Psychology Research Method Questions & Answers

What are dependent and independent variables in the following? Prolonged stress is unpleasant and leads people to seek ways to reduce stress. Smoking, drinking, and drug use is ways in which people...
The number of cigarettes smoked, drugs taken or drinks imbibed would be the dependent variable in a study of stress and use of smoking, drinking or drug-taking. In fact there is a difference between personality factors, some being more resilient and
What is the IV and the DV for this experiment? A study was conducted to investigate if alcohol will influence driving ability.
This is one of these cases where publication will hardly surprise the reader. Studies of the effect of drinking alcohol upon drivers are unlikely to pronounce that alcohol is safe to take before driving and has no effect on proficiency. The independe
What is a Laboratory Experiment?
A laboratory experiment need not take place in a formica sided area. It has to do with the control an experimenter is taking over the study. An experiment is an investigation in which a hypothesis is scientifically tested. In an experiment, an indepe
Which situation illustrates the use of an ordinal scale of measurement?
If a company wishes to know about the amount of something, whether this is a product, a type of employee behaviour or even a category of employee (call this E) it follows a procedure of counting. If the company is interested in the degree to which th