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Parapsychology Questions and Answers

  • Unidentified Flying Objects have been seen in the skies since                       . 
    Parapsychology question from

  • In 1976, the name ‘Roswell’ and aliens were brought to the public’s notice – until then it had been a small town in New Mexico which had been virtually unknown. 
    Parapsychology question from

  • What is White Sands? 
    Parapsychology question from

  • The study of the paranormal is known as mythology.
    Parapsychology question from

  • Parapsychology is believed to have been introduced by Max Dessoir, a Psychologist from                     ?
    Parapsychology question from

  • The paranormal can be described as being anything which defies normal explanation, here are some examples. (Select Three)
    Parapsychology question from

  • It is believed that those who become werewolves do so when the moon is what?
    Parapsychology question from

  • In Italy it was a common misconception that those who suffered from epilepsy were in the throes of turning into a werewolf. 
    Parapsychology question from

  • In France, to stop a werewolf gaining entrance to your house it is customary to place sprigs of              over the external doors and windows.
    Parapsychology question from

  • It is known that both the CIA in the United States, Great Britain’s MI6, and the Russian Secret Service used remote viewers for the purpose of spying on each other.
    Parapsychology question from

  • Remote viewing could be described as an extension of           . 
    Parapsychology question from

  •                    is a method of healing which is non-invasive and clothing is not removed at any stage. The healers who use this method base their techniques on the body’s chakras.
    Parapsychology question from

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