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A person suffering from inability to think, feel and behave clearly can be suffering from schizophrenia. This condition is mostly not curable and the patient has to be monitored. How well do you understand symptoms and...

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    A group of disorders characterized by severely impaired cognitive processes.  It is a disorder which involves disturbance of thinking primarily.

This quiz consists of the disorders studied in Abnormal psychology

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    How many axes does the DSM-IV-TR consist of?

As a psychology student passing that final exam on abnormal psychology means a lot to you. That is why we designed the practice test below.it is excellent to prepare you for the finals as it covers everything done in class....

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    What was the explanation, during the ancient Greek and Roman times, for abnormal behavior?

A person’s moods are subject to changing given a certain situation. Some of the changes someone may exhibit can be a sign for a mental disorder for example bipolar disorder. How well did you understand these types of...

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    Disturbances in emotions that cause personal discomfort.

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    Trephining was...

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Abnormal Psychology Questions & Answers

Why is accurate testing important for psychology?
A test CAN be valid but not reliable but a test CANT be reliable if it is not valid
What is the top of Maslows hierarchy of needs triangle?
The top of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs is Self-actualization
What is managed care?
The evaluation of all medical and mental health procedures to ensurethat they provide the best therapeutic value for the least cost is the notion behind a managed health care.
Which of the models associates Abraham Maslow?
Maslow is famous for delineating a hierarchy of needs. The detail of needs can be subsumed into basic needs, psychological needs, and self-fulfilment needs. This hierarchy has stood the test of time and is likely never to be superseded. This is beca