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Take a deep breath, slowly inhale and then exhale. You will be doing this for a while so arm yourself with patience. You’ll be inhaling some of our best lung-related trivia questions and what we expect you to exhale are correct answers. Take your time, think them through, no one is rushing you this time. Too much for you? No problem, catch your breath and try to do it again and again.

What surrounds each lobe of every lung? What are the names of the branches in which the bronchi splits within the lung? Which one of the two lungs has a higher volume and capacity? Our lung quiz comes like a breath of fresh air. Best of luck in your endeavor!

This is an online quiz that accompanies the Lung Sounds CD Project created by Dr. David Cugell

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    In a normal subject, breathing quietly at rest, which phase of breathing has a longer duration?

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    The lymph nodes found in the hilum of the lung are the:

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    Which of the following terms refers to difficulty breathing in supine position?

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      The compliance of the respiratory system IS changing with lung volume. At which lung volume has the respiratory systsm It 's greates compliance?

This quiz is about the lungs, breathing and respiratory system. There will be a multiple choice section, a fill in the blank section, and one essay.

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  • Sample Question
    What needs oxygen to live and grow?

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Lung Questions & Answers

What is the difference between carbon dioxide and oxygen?
Oxygen is the air released from the trees then mixed with the thin air and it is available in the atmospherecarbon dioxide is the waste air exhaled by particular living organisms
What is the difference between Inhaler and Nebulizer?
Inhalers and Nebulizers are the devices used to deliver fast-quick rescue medicines or long-term maintenance medicines directly into the lungs. Inhalers and Nebulizers are known to have distinct characteristics, and they are as follows: a. Size and N
What is the difference between Bronchitis and Acute Bronchitis?
Generally, bronchitis is when the tubes that carry air to the lung become inflamed and irritated. This results in coughing as the tube swells and produces mucus and when there’s been irritation in the bronchial tubes, thick mucus forms in them
What action is appropriate? Nurse Kim is caring for a client with a pneumothorax and who has had a chest tube inserted notes continuous gentle bubbling in the suction control chamber.  
1. do nothing, because this is an expected finding.-continuous gentle bubbling should be noted in the suction control chamber. immediately clamp the chest tube and notify the physician is incorrect. chest tubes should only be clamped to check for an