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Liver Questions & Answers

What structure located at the anterior border of the caudate lobe will help you identify this lobe of the liver?
The ligamentum venosum are fibrous remnants that travel between the porta hepatis, the liver, and the inferior vena cava. These remnants are usually obliterated when a person reaches adulthood. The caudet lobe or lobule of spiegel is an independent p
Which of the following medium is used to supply oxygenated blood to the liver?
Which of the following terms is used to describe chronic liver disease where a scar tissue surrounds the portal areas?
Alcoholic Cirrhosis is a condition of the liver that is caused by chronic alcoholism. This is the most common type of cirrhosis of the liver. This type of disease is characterized by scar tissue surrounding the portal areas. This disease is the most
Why does the liver get affected by alcohol?
It is a fact that the liver is damaged by long-term abuse of alcohol; that is, not the alcohol itself when a small amount is drunk, but the excess of regular absorption of multiple drinks a day. This excess of alcohol causes scarring of the liver, an