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What happens when you get injured in one way or another, the first thing is to do is to seek relief in the form of pain medications? When you hurt yourself, one of the things to check is if you have a strain, sprain, break, or...

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    What did you injure?

That’s right, folks. Just like bones, muscles and skin, your cells too can become injured. What do you know about the ins and outs of cell injury, as well as what causes there are and what preventative measures can be...

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     A pathologist notes the following findings after light microscopic examination of a section of liver from a chronic alcoholic. Which of the following is an example of a reversible injury?

They may be tiny little things that make up our bodies, but believe it or not, cells can become injured and even die and adapt given certain conditions. In the following quiz on cells, we’ll be looking at how all of...

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    Which of the following is the most common cause of cell injury?

Relationship between head injuries and an increase in ICP

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    Cerebral perfusion pressure is the difference between mean arterial pressure and intracranial pressure.

A lot of people take part in sports, and some of the sports are dangerous even when people wear safety gear. These injuries can either be treated, and the player is getting back on the pitch, but others are career-ending. Using...

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    When blood collects at the site of an injury and discolors the skin, it is called...

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Injury Questions & Answers

What pathologic changes will most likely lead to the death of hepatocytes and liver cirrhosis?
What is the morphological?
What is reversible cell injury? From the name itself, you can already guess that this is a type of condition wherein the cell has a high chance of recovering. Take note that this would depend on the extent of the injury that the cell has endured depe
What is the meaning of Bedridden?
Bedridden is a condition wherein a person is already confined to stay on his or her bed for a prolonged period of time. There are various reasons that can make a person bedridden. Some become bedridden because of an injury. Some may only become bedri
What is willful and malicious damage to or destruction of property known as?
The willful and malicious damage to or destruction of property is known as vandalism. However this is a great offence or crime in several parts and sectors of life, based on the law. In Massachusetts, the name given to such crime for willful and mali
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