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  • Which one of the following does not describe principles?
    Which one of the following does not describe principles?
    The correct answer to this question is D, Often informed by more than one theory, as well as by empirical findings. Instead of principles, this statement describes models. As A, B, and C indicate, principles act as guides for evaluation and behavior. In law, principles are rules that must be followed — this why it is called the rule of law. There are many types of principles. One is moral law, which is a guide for a person to act on moral ideas. Then, there is a principle of sufficient reason, which states that every event has an explanation. For example, dogs exist, and being that we know dogs live, we can explain how they exist.

  • What are the parts of health? Public health is a piece of the larger concept of health.
    What are the parts of health? Public health is a piece of the larger concept of health.
    Delivery System Absence of dz or minimization of the effects of dz Ability to function as desired (physical, mental, and social)

  • What is Market Justice?
    What is Market Justice?
    Health and healthcare is a market commodity that each individual person is responsible for obtaining. The fate of each person is determined by themselves and not by a collective effort.

  • Where are all reportable disease lists contained?
    Where are all reportable disease lists contained?
    "Tri-Service Reportable Events, Guidelines and Case Definitions document, Army Medical Surveillance Activity"

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