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No one wants to get sick. But when we do, we want to know that we are well treated. That is where healthcare comes in. Healthcare is the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention or diseases and illnesses in human beings. Healthcare is provided by several different doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers, such as therapists.
Going to your primary physician for your annual physical is part of healthcare. So is getting your teeth cleaned. And getting a flu shot. Going to the doctor when you have the flu is also part of healthcare. Healthy or not, we all use healthcare at some point. How knowledgeable are you about healthcare? What are healthcare systems? What does the World Health Organization do? How much money is in this business? Prep yourself for your appointment with these quizzes on healthcare. 
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    Australia  is a member/ supporter of which WHO initiatives:

This quiz is to assess the care of central lines. 

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    Of the following, which line would be considered a central line?

Based on your clinical experience and studying, please answer the following questions.

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    Mr. Wright is seen in the office for follow-up of his coronary artery disease and diabetes mellitus. During the interview, which comment MOST SUGGESTS psychological distress?

For the prevention of infection, hospitals must be ensured. Every hospital has a Central Sterile Service Department for this sole reason. Additionally, this department is also called the central supply department (CSD). Do take...

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    Which of these is not an aseptic procedure?

The healthcare system expects that everyone has access to the hospital crew; they need it. Ideally, for a medical practice to be considered ethical, it must have autonomy, justice, beneficence, and non-maleficence. Do you know...

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  • Sample Question is the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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What do you know about healthcare administration? Healthcare administration is the field that relates to leadership, management, and administration of public health systems. Hospital administrators are those who become the...

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How Much Do You Know About Long-Term Care Policies? People who are undergoing treatment or rehabilitation from an illness are in need of specialized continuous care, and there are insurance companies that offer this cover. Take...

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There is an Indian saying "Jaan hai to Jahan hai," meaning that health is the supreme consideration, if you have good health, you have the world. This quiz is all about the basics of the health care sector. Take this...

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How well will you do in this health care questions quiz? Different aspects within the healthcare system are designed to make it function perfectly, and this can be a set of guidelines or expected behavior from medical...

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Physical care is the type of care given to someone who is facing a health problem or issue in order to get him or her back to working condition. The quiz below is the second in the series of tests that to see how equipped you...

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A nurse is a person who gives medical and other attention to a sick person. Patient safety is the cornerstone of high-quality health care. Knowledge in basic physical care is an important foundation for a nurse in training....

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This is a Simulated Examination for Gulf Physical Therapy/ Occupational Therapy Examinations taken from Last Month's HAAD Feedbacks.This examination contains 100 of the most UPDATED EXAMS from Abu Dhabi, KSA, and UAE.Take...

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Providence Health Care became a single entity on March 31st, 2000, but the rich history of our five founding congregations stretches back more than a century. 

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Comprehensive NRS 146

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Write your contact information below very clearly as this helps us to properly register your credits to your board and communicate with you.   Read the questions carefully and answer them True or False. This test is...

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Competency Statement: Personnel will: complete and pass the Personal Care Attendant with a score of 80%

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