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Health CARE Questions & Answers

If a patients stops Breathing, you should immediately call for help, stay with the patient, and start CPR
I don't feel that this is true AT ALL. Why? well first you should never start CPR on a patient without first knowing if they have a DNR in place. If a caregiver were immediately begin CPR on a pt who has a DNR in place, that is going against what the
Why should a nurse encourage a client with a wound to consume foods high in vitamin C?
1. enhances protein synthesis.-rationale: the client should be encouraged to consume foods high in vitamin c because vitamin c is essential for protein synthesis, an important part of wound healing. hemostasis is responsible for the inflammatory resp
What manner should the nurse instruct the client to proceed? A nurse is teaching a client with left leg weakness to walk with a cane.
A cane is an important piece of durable medical equipment, which can help a person’s ability to support their mobility. Instruct the person using the cane to hold it on their strong side. Advise them that to hold the cane correctly they should