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No one wants to get sick. But when we do, we want to know that we are well treated. That is where healthcare comes in. Healthcare is the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention or diseases and illnesses in human beings. Healthcare is provided by several different doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers, such as therapists.
Going to your primary physician for your annual physical is part of healthcare. So is getting your teeth cleaned. And getting a flu shot. Going to the doctor when you have the flu is also part of healthcare. Healthy or not, we all use healthcare at some point. How knowledgeable are you about healthcare? What are healthcare systems? What does the World Health Organization do? How much money is in this business? Prep yourself for your appointment with these quizzes on healthcare. 

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  • When the blood circulation of elderly person generally improves when their: 
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  • A normal axillary (under the arm) temperature is ?
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  • The universal sign of choking is ?
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  • The delivery of appropriate and consistent care over time is called _____.
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  • _____ is the use of financial incentives to improve health care quality and efficiency.
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  • The medical care based on the latest and most accurate clinical research is known as _____.
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  • The five main factors that contribute to good health for a health care worker are:

  • A uniform should always be:

  • As a health care worker, good personal hygiene is essential. Which of the following best describes how to prevent body odor?

  • What does primary prevention prevent? (Hint:  think vaccinations.)

  • What does secondary prevention include?

  • What is it that pharmacists can do to have the greatest impact in producing lasting change in promoting healthy behavior?