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No one wants to get sick. But when we do, we want to know that we are well treated. That is where healthcare comes in. Healthcare is the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention or diseases and illnesses in human beings. Healthcare is provided by several different doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers, such as therapists.
Going to your primary physician for your annual physical is part of healthcare. So is getting your teeth cleaned. And getting a flu shot. Going to the doctor when you have the flu is also part of healthcare. Healthy or not, we all use healthcare at some point. How knowledgeable are you about healthcare? What are healthcare systems? What does the World Health Organization do? How much money is in this business? Prep yourself for your appointment with these quizzes on healthcare. 
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    Australia  is a member/ supporter of which WHO initiatives:

Based on your clinical experience and studying, please answer the following questions.

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    Mr. Wright is seen in the office for follow-up of his coronary artery disease and diabetes mellitus. During the interview, which comment MOST SUGGESTS psychological distress?

Competency Statement: Personnel will: complete and pass the Personal Care Attendant with a score of 80%

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    When the blood circulation of elderly person generally improves when their: 

This quiz is to assess the care of central lines. 

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    Of the following, which line would be considered a central line?

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    What time frame is associated with the following characteristics: withdrawal from the world, decreased food intake, increase in sleep, less communication.

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Health care Questions & Answers

Which protective equipment first should be removed by the nurse when leaving the room of a client in strict isolation?
The correct is option D - the gloves. Whenever clients/patients are kept in isolation, it is either because they have a contagious disease or illness. Isolation is best in order to reduce the spread. These patients should not be having contact with a
Which level of health promotion example is this? An employer establishes a physical exercise area in the workplace and encourages all employees to use it.
The correct answer to this question is an option – A Establishing a physical exercise area and encouraging in the workplace and encourages all employees to use it is an example of primary prevention. Primary prevention is defined as measures ta
If a patients stops Breathing, you should immediately call for help, stay with the patient, and start CPR
I don't feel that this is true AT ALL. Why? well first you should never start CPR on a patient without first knowing if they have a DNR in place. If a caregiver were immediately begin CPR on a pt who has a DNR in place, that is going against what the
Why should a nurse encourage a client with a wound to consume foods high in vitamin C?
1. enhances protein synthesis.-rationale: the client should be encouraged to consume foods high in vitamin c because vitamin c is essential for protein synthesis, an important part of wound healing. hemostasis is responsible for the inflammatory resp