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Describe factors affecting skin integrity. Identify clients at risk for pressures. Describe the four stages of pressure ulcer development. Differentiate primary and secondary wound healing. Describe the three phases of...

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    These are surgical wounds in which the respiratory, alimentary, genital, or urinary tract has been entered:

From Foundations of Nursing by Christensen and Kockrow, pages 310-342. For any questions, email [email protected]

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    After an abdominal surgery, abdominal muscles contract and cause intraabdominal pressure. If the incisional area is weak, what is possible to happen?

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    The dermis does not consists of

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    A 75 year old female developed a dehisced wound following abdominal surgery for a bowel obstruction.  She weighs 150 pounds and had chemotherapy and adbdominal radiation for colon cancer 5 years ago.  Which of the following conditions best explains what placed her at risk for developing a wound dehiscience?

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    For a resident who is classified as wound and skin isolation, the soiled linen should be

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Wound care Questions & Answers

Can you fill in the blank?Those wounds that are left open for 3-5 days to allow edema, infection, or exudate to drain is __________.
2. Second healingBecause primary healing would last for couple hours for fibrin coagulation, second healing phase would last for couple days for macrophage phagocytosis and granulation, tertiary healing would last for couple weeks for epithelial prol
How does a wound heal?
Wound healing is a complex biological process that goes through several stages in order to heal the defect. So, different wounds have different mechanism of healing. For instance, clean wounds may heal by primary intention, whereas dirty or large wou
Which surgical wound has the respiratory, alimentary, genital, or urinary tract has been entered in?
Clean-contaminated woundsA) these are primarily closed wounds. they are uninfected and the respiratory, alimentary, genital, or urinary tracts have not been entered B) correct C) open, fresh, accidental wounds or surgical wounds that are infected
What doing wound care of a patient who had an abdominal surgery this morning, nurse observes 325 mL of exudate extraction from patient's Hemova?
Report the findings to the physician immediatelyP. 327 - Treat exudate or drainage in quantities greater than 300 mL in the first 24 hours as abnormal and report it immediately
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