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Describe factors affecting skin integrity. Identify clients at risk for pressures. Describe the four stages of pressure ulcer development. Differentiate primary and secondary wound healing. Describe the three phases of...

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    These are surgical wounds in which the respiratory, alimentary, genital, or urinary tract has been entered:

For questions with more than one right answer, select the best answer.

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    The dermis does not consists of

From Foundations of Nursing by Christensen and Kockrow, pages 310-342. For any questions, email [email protected]

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    After an abdominal surgery, abdominal muscles contract and cause intraabdominal pressure. If the incisional area is weak, what is possible to happen?

A quiz to cover Callie's class on wound care

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    Miracle Clay is an effective way to

To test the students knowledge on the integumentary system and wound care

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    What are signs and symptoms of an infected wound?

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Wound care Questions & Answers

What is skin also known as?
First line of defence,natural mechanism of defence, natural defensive mechanism
Can you answer the following?Those wounds that are left open for 3-5 days to allow edema, infection, or exudate to drain is
2. Second healingBecause primary healing would last for couple hours for fibrin coagulation, second healing phase would last for couple days for macrophage phagocytosis and granulation, tertiary healing would last for couple weeks for epithelial prol
What kind of wound healing has occurred? Imagine you are an ER nurse. You're working the night shift on Friday night when you are first introduced to Mr. Griffin. Mr. Griffin has had an...
The correct answer is option D Delayed primary intention of wound healing is a combination of primary and secondary intention; this is often instigated by the wound care specialist to prevent infection. This wound intention is also known as tertiary