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  • What is the normal range of carbon dioxide (CO2) in arterial blood?

  • What is the normal range of bicarbonate ion (HCO3-) in arterial blood?

  • What is the normal range of pH in the body?

  • Jake is complaining of shortness of breath. The nurse assesses his respiratory rate to be 30 breaths per minute and documents that Jake is tachypneic. The nurse understands that tachypnea means:

  • The nurse listens to Mrs. Sullen’s lungs and notes a hissing sound or musical sound. The nurse documents this as:

  • The nurse in charge measures a patient’s temperature at 101 degrees F. What is the equivalent centigrade temperature?

  • A sudden redness of the skin is known as:

  • The term gavage indicates:

  • A patient states that he has difficulty sleeping in the hospital because of noise. Which of the following would be an appropriate nursing action?

  • The registered nurse is planning to delegate tasks to unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP).  Which of the following task could the registered nurse safely assigned to a UAP?

  • A nurse manager assigned a registered nurse from telemetry unit to the pediatrics unit.  There were three patients assigned to the RN.  Which of the following patients should not be assigned to the floated nurse?

  • A nurse in charge in the pediatric unit is absent.  The nurse manager decided to assign the nurse in the obstetrics unit to the pediatrics unit.  Which of the following patients could the nurse manager safely assign to the float nurse?