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Which best explains this statement? CHN is a community-based practice.
The correct answer to the question is option B CHN means Community Health Nursing. Community health nurses are often called public health nurses; they are trained to work as public health care givers. They work in public health settings to improve t
Which is the primary goal of community health nursing?
Here, the correct answer is option B. To enhance the capacity of individuals, families, and communities to cope with their health needs. Basically, the motto of the community health nursing is based on the evaluation of the nurses about people's exi
What is the philosophy of public health nursing based on according to Margaret Shetland?  
The worth and dignity of man. Margaret Shetland proposed that every Public Health Nursing scheme should always identify man’s worth and dignity as well. Public Health Nursing is a concept developed by one Lillian Wald who was believed to have
What factor contributes to the effectiveness of care to your clients as an Rural Unit nurse?
Answer 4 relates to the appropriateness of nursing care deliveredit should be the right choice is answer 3