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Calling all nurses out there! On this wing, we have NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) quizzes. Imagine yourself in this situation: “A patient of yours is admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of primary hyperparathyroidism. Upon checking the patient's lab results, you would expect what changes in laboratory findings?” This is just one among the many situations in our quizzes that will greatly help you prepare for you exam.
Refresh your memory, and review the fundamentals again. Make sure you still remember the normal ranges in laboratory results, the different acronyms in nursing, and the correct dosages of medicines.
Do you feel that blood rushing in your veins? Do you feel that pulse raising? Well, I hope you can calm yourself down. Proceed now, and be ready for your daily dose of quizzes! 

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  • Kyle is a client with an anxious.fearful personality who has difficulty accomplishing work assignments because of his fear of failure. He has been referred to the employee assistance program because of repeated absences from work and evidence of an alcohol problem. Which nursing diagnosis would be most appropriate?

  • Tekla is hospitalized at Nurseslabs Medical Center following a suicide attempt. His history reveals a previous diagnosis of schizoid personality disorder. Which of the following behaviors would be atypical of a client with this disorder?

  • The community nurse is following up on Mrs. Jenner who was hospitalized at Nurseslabs Medical Center due to depressive disorder.not otherwise specified.following the death of her spouse. In reviewing the client’s chart.the nurse notes that Mrs. Jenner has an Axis II diagnosis of dependent personality disorder. Which behavior would the nurse anticipate in this client?

  • Mrs. B is diagnosed with borderline personality disorder has a nursing diagnosis of Risk for self-directed violence.which is related to the client’s self-mutilation behavior (burning arms with cigarettes). Which client behavior would indicate a positive outcome of intervention?

  • Nurse Aldrich is working with the family of Mary Ann.a client with a personality disorder. Which of the following should Nurse Aldrich encourage the family members to work on?

  • Nurse Florence assesses Mrs. B with borderline personality disorder. Which of the following behaviors are common to this diagnosis? Select all that apply.

  • Chuck is a 20-year-old student diagnosed of having obsessive-compulsive behavior. A psychiatrist prescribes clomipramine (Anafranil) to treat his condition. Nurse Nicolette understands the rationale for this treatment is that the clomipramine:

  • A nurse at Nurseslabs Medical Center is developing a care plan for a female client with post-traumatic stress disorder. Which of the following would she do initially?

  • A group of community nurses sees and plans care for various clients with different types of problems. Which of the following clients would they consider the most vulnerable to post-traumatic stress disorder?

  • Nurse Meredith is observing 8-year-old Anna during a community visit. Which of the following findings would lead the nurse to suspect that Anna is a victim of sexual abuse?

  • Nurse Angela is working in the emergency department of Nurseslabs Medical Center. She is conducting an interview with a victim of spousal abuse. Which step should the nurse take first?

  • Mariefer is studying about abuse for the upcoming exam. For her to fully instill the topic. she should know that the priority nursing intervention for a child or elder victim of abuse is: