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What is the difference between X-Ray and CT-Scan?
X-Ray and CT-Scan are both machines which can be used to create images of the internal structure of an object. These two machines are used by doctors to accurately diagnose a patient, especially when conditions in the inner structures of a man were t
What is the difference between a Bone Scan and a PET Scan?
A bone scan is a process whereby nuclear scanning is used to examine the internal bone structure of the body. A PET scan can be referred to as the Positron Emission Topography scan. This is a process that uses a special kind of camera and tracer to e
Is the following True or False?The two kinds of sleep apnea are central and obstructive.
1. TrueEEG Terminology 101: Section 9: Question 9. ASET Online Courses - EEG item : O-EEG101
What is the most common hormone deficiency seen after intracranial radiation therapy?
Based on recent studies, the growth hormone deficiency is the most common hormone deficiency that occurs in patients with brain cancer that undergoes intracranial radiation therapy. Most often, this hormone deficiency is diagnosed in cancer patients