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Everyone has to visit the doctor at least once in their life. We’ve all suffered from the occasional aches and pains of the flu, the raw throat that comes with strep, or the agonizing stuffiness that comes with seasonal allergies, or something of that nature. The point is, when you go to the doctor and the doctor needs to find out what’s ailing you, you’ll most likely have to go through a medical test. But how familiar are you with medical testing and the lingo that accompanies it?

When a doctor is concerned about a patient’s cell count he usually orders a CBC. What does CBC stand for? What is the name of the medical test given to patients on blood thinners like Warfarin? What is the purpose of a Urine Analysis with Culture and Sensitivity test? When a doctor writes PCXR what is he ordering? Know what to expect the next time your doctor scribbles some notes and orders a test and take these quizzes. You might even impress him with how much you know!

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