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When James Clerk Maxwell and Heinrich Hertz toyed with the theories of electromagnetism, did you think that any of them could have ever imagined that their work would be used to see inside the human body? The answer is probably not, since the one who discovered that electromagnetic radiation could pass through the human tissue, and not through bone or metal, was Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen.

Now, do you have X-ray vision to see through the questions of these radiography quizzes? “What is the theory of X-ray attenuation?”, “How is the X-ray image rendered?”, “What are the X-ray photons?”, and “How has this invention improved the diagnostic science?” are just the first questions you will have to answer to develop the meaning of radiography.
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Have you ever had a fracture and needed to get an X-ray? You might not have known it at the time, but the process whereby an image was taken of your skeleton is called radiography – it is defined as an imaging technique...

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    Although there may be other reasons for using calcium tungstate screens in industrial radiography, they are most usually used to:

Industrial Radiography quiz for people studying for RT 2 CGSB exam.

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    Who is given credit for the discovery of X-ray?

Radiography is an imaging technique that uses X-rays to view the internal structure of an object. In order to create an image, beams of electromagnetic radiation are produced by an X-ray generator and projected toward the object.

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    A form of energy carried by waves or a stream of particles.

In this quiz, we’ll be looking at the different imaging techniques in the process of radiography – which uses X-rays among other machines to create images of the internal structures of certain objects. What can you...

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    What is needed to cause the e-stream to accelerate at an extremely high speed from the cathode to the anode?

Let's start this quiz it will give you the different functions of medical radiography. Find out now how much do you know about it!

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    A dental assistant may expose radiographs

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Radiography Questions & Answers

Can photons be charged?
The answer to this question is no. The reason is that photons do not have any charge, and they are massless. As a result, they always travel at the speed of light in empty space. Since photons don't carry any charge, they do not produce any electric
What are the (6) characteristics of x-rays?
Photons/bundles of energy: X rays make up x radiation just light every other electromagnetic radiation. They can be produced in parcels of energy called photons. X rays have high penetrating power, they have shortwave length and these rays can easil
How many years course is radiography in Nigeria?
The voltage difference between the cathode and anode