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This quiz will test the dental student's understanding and knowledge of radiation physics and fundamentals of radiographic interpretation.

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    An example of particulate radiation is

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    All ionizing radiations cause damage to living tissues. although very little radiation is used in dentistry, damage to the cells does occur.

Radiology is the science of using medical imaging, often referred to as radiography, to diagnose and sometimes treat diseases within the body of a person or animal. What can you tell us about the practice?

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    Which of the following occurs at 70 kvp or higher and account for a very small part of the xrays produced in the dental xray machine?

If you plan to be a lab technician you need to be conversant with X-ray production and interaction with matter. Throughout the week we have covered a lot when it comes to reading an X-ray result and some of the characteristics....

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    The speed and energy of the electron stream as it passes across an x-ray tube is primarily controlled by the:

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    Xrays are made up of

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Radiology Questions & Answers

Can you name the following intraoral radiograph?
Periapical radiograph designed to show tissues around the apical area of the tooth
What is the difference between Radiology and Radiography?
Radiology and Radiography is an aspect of medicine that uses radioactive substances, sound waves, and electromagnetic radiation to diagnose and to treat various diseases. Radiology is just a branch of medicine like internal medicine, dermatology, imm
What is an example of particulate radiation?
Alpha particles and beta particles are example of Particulate Radiation while Cathode rays are beams of electrons in a partially evacuated glass tube with a potential difference between an embedded cathode and an anode. X-rays are very short waveleng