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Radiology is widely used nowadays because it is one of the least invasive means by which doctors can check out their patients for any affection and even treat those accordingly. By using various types of rays, excellent results are produced. That being said, do you know the history of radiology?

We have some questions that you can answer but first here are some samples: What are the sic main types of imaging that doctors use in order in order to diagnose and treat diseases? The performance of (usually minimally invasive) medical procedures with the guidance of imaging technologies is called what? The acquisition of medical imaging is usually carried out by whom? Get all of them right and show us your knowledge of radiology.
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This quiz will test the dental student's understanding and knowledge of radiation physics and the fundamentals of radiographic interpretation.

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  • Sample Question
    An example of particulate radiation is:

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    Absorption of the x-ray beam is called

In this quiz, we’ll be focusing on radiology – the science of using medical imaging to diagnose and sometimes treat a variety of diseases within the body. Think you know all there is on the topic?

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  • Sample Question
    Radiology is only used for diagnostic purposes

Quiz: Take this important radiology test. When it comes to viewing the inside of the boy without cutting it up, radiology is the next best thing at diagnosing most patients. Is this is done through x-rays, or is it just all about...

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    All ionizing radiations cause damage to living tissues. although very little radiation is used in dentistry, damage to the cells does occur.

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    The source of the x-ray electrons in the x-ray tube is:

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Radiology Questions & Answers

What do you mean by Periapical radiograph?
Periapical radiograph designed to show tissues around the apical area of the tooth
What is the difference between Radiology and Radiography?
Radiology and Radiography is an aspect of medicine that uses radioactive substances, sound waves, and electromagnetic radiation to diagnose and to treat various diseases. Radiology is just a branch of medicine like internal medicine, dermatology, imm
What is an example of particulate radiation?
Alpha particles and beta particles are example of Particulate Radiation while Cathode rays are beams of electrons in a partially evacuated glass tube with a potential difference between an embedded cathode and an anode. X-rays are very short waveleng
What are the functions of a step-down transformer in the construction of an  x-ray tube?
Convert the line current of 110 volts to less than 10 milli ampeares
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