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What would the most appropriate therapy be? A 20-year-old female presents with a two-day history of dysuria and increased urinary frequency. She states that she was recently married and was not...
Ampicillin-the correct answer is a. the patients presentation is consistent with a simple urinary tract infection; there is a short history of dysuria, increased urinary frequency and the appearance of white blood cells and gram-negative rods in the
What did the lesion most likely involve? A patient experiences difficulty in walking downstairs and reports some double vision as well.
The correct answer to this question is C. Cranial nerve IV is used to look down and are in the medial position. The cranial nerve IV innervates the superior oblique muscle. If this cranial nerve is damaged on one side, double vision will occur, resul
Which of the following is the smallest active functional unit (including conduction and air exchange) of the lung?
1. a respiratory bronchiolar unit -the smallest functional unit of the lung is the respiratory bronchiolar unit, which contains a respiratory bronchiole and the alveoli associated with it. this unit allows for air conduction and gas exchange. the alv
Which of the following excites the polar regions of the muscle spindle?
1. gamma motor neurons -gamma motor neurons innervate the polar regions of the muscle spindle and, when excited, cause resetting of the spindle by stretching it, resulting in a lowering of the threshold for activation of that receptor by an external