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Are you up for some adrenaline rush? Being an Emergency Medical Technician is no walk in the park. Whether you're aiming to be one or already out there working in the field, these quizzes will surely test your poise under pressure. What we have is a variety of quizzes that you'll likely encounter in EMT certification exams. From the Basic level, all the way to becoming a Paramedic;

test yourself and learn a few facts along the way. Are you familiar with the skills needed to be an EMT? What are the common equipment used in the field? How do you react given certain situations? Do you think you have the answers to these questions? This is no emergency, so just keep calm and collected. If you're ready for action, then go full speed ahead and take on the Emergency Medical Technician quizzes.
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When an emergency occurs, it is up to the emergency medical practitioner to ensure that his patient makes it to the hospital and hopefully very consciously. Are you an EMT student and are looking for some refreshing quizzes on...

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    A patient who is supine is lying:

A multiable of catergories from the multiable modules of EMT- Basic Complete

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    Your first responsibility as an EMT-B is to:

 Please place your FD or EMS Agency Name and your complete name in the name box.

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    You are ordered to administer 0.5 mg of atropine sulfate to a patient. The atropine comes 2mg in 1 ml. How many milliters will you give?

As you know EMT are the first to deal with a person as they are being transported to a hospital. Pre-hospital trauma assessment is a set of skills used by emergency medical services technicians to analyze all threats to life that...

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    The most common cause of airway obstruction in unconscious patients is:

A review exam for the National Certifying Exam for the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Basic Exam. 

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    EMT's should wear high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) respirators when they are in contact with patients who have which of the following?

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EMT Questions & Answers

What is the most common cause of airway obstruction in unconscious patients?
Though in the case of this test, the answer might be the tongue, in reality this is not the case. A study was conducted in 1985 by Dr M.P.Boidin to determine the causes of upper airway obstructions in unconcious patients. "In the cadaveric prep
How many milliliters will you give? You are ordered to administer 0.5 mg of atropine sulfate to a patient. The atropine comes 2mg in 1 ml.
The anwer is 0.25mlIf you have 2mg in 1ml, you are ordered to give 0.5 mg, and you give 1mg then you would give 0.5 mls. Half of that would be 0.5mg would be 0.25ml.
How long will it take the fluid to run out of the IV bag? You have an IV containing 500 ml of fluid. You are using a 10 gtt administration set. You are running the rate at 20 gtts/min.
I got 4 hours and 10 mins.20gtts=2ml (because of 10 drop set) v2ml=1min v500ml/2ml(per 1 min)= 250ml v250ml - 60mins=190ml v190ml - 60mins=130ml v130ml - 60mins=70ml v70ml - 60mins=10ml v10ml - 5mins=0ml vThe answer should be 4 hours
Which of the following is the highest priority patient?
The correct answer to this question is B, a 57 year old male with chest pain and systolic BP of 80. Chest pains can be caused by a number of issues including a heart attack, panic attack, or cancer.Along with chest pain, the patient could have a numb
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