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Do you have any metal on you? We sure hope you do not because this will be a very difficult procedure if we find any metal there. Magnetic resonance images use strong magnetic fields and radio waves to form images of your body. Let’s see how well you know this particular sector of medicine and ask you some tough questions. Are you ready for a few samples?

Magnetic resonance imaging is widely used in hospitals for medical diagnosis, staging of disease and for follow-up without exposure to what? MRI has a wide range of applications in medical diagnosis and there are estimated to be about how many scanners in the world? MRI is the investigative tool of choice for neurological cancers as it is more sensitive than CT for what? Answer these questions and go on to the full MRI quizzes.
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Here we bring you a review quiz on magnetic resonance imaging! There are different ways that we can get to diagnose a patient's issue, and one of them is looking at the internal organs of a person to identify any anomalies....

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    These substances exhibit a very slight negative or repelling effect when placed  in externally applied magnetic field. They have low and negative susceptibility.


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Pick which answer would INCREASE signal-to-noise ratio in MRI

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Match the correct MRI FT image with the appropriate k-space.

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    At a field strength of 1.0 tesla, the approximate T2 relaxation time for grey matter is what?

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MRI Questions & Answers

Which arrow points to the hyoid bone?
C is the answer to this question. For those who are not familiar with the hyoid bone, this is a type of bone that is found in between the chin and the upper portion of the neck area that is shaped like a horseshoe. The main purpose of this is to prov
Which arrow points to the internal jugular vein?
The correct answer to this question is B, B. The internal jugular vein is a paired vein. This vein collects blood from the superficial parts of the face, neck, and the brain. The blood that is carried is oxygen depleted. The collected blood is then s
Which arrow points to the thyroid cartilage? In the figure below of an axial CT of the neck with thyroid cartilage, which arrow points to the thyroid cartilage?
The correct answer is option B In the figure above of an axial CT of the neck, arrow B points to the thyroid cartilage. The thyroid cartilage is a hyaline cartilage located on the neck. It is commonly known as the Adam Apple. The thyroid cartilage is
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