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If you know this then you have a great chance at saving a lot of people when they are in need and you will be greatly rewarded. CPR is one of those things that anyone should know but, sadly, now many actually do. We decided CPR should have its own quizzes here and we prepared a couple of questions for you to answer.
Here are a few samples: CPR is an emergency procedure performed in an effort to manually preserve intact brain function until further measures are taken to restore what spontaneous function? It is indicated in those who are unresponsive with what function? According to the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation guidelines, CPR involves chest compressions at least 5 cm (2 in) deep and at a rate of at least how many per minute? Get all the answers right to win.
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It’s an underrated skill to be able to save a life in an emergency. Most people are content with leaving medical practice to the professionals, but there’s never any harm in improving your own ability to help in a...

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  • Sample Question
    You find an unconscious adult that does not respond to a gentle shake and shout, what must you do next?

Learning Domain 34 - First Aid & CPR

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    A peace officer acting as a First Responder may lawfully administeremergency medical services to a victim when the:

Do you know that CPR is administered differently when it comes to infants and adults? According to class the compression depth for adults should be at least two inches and the chest should recoil completely between compressions....

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    What is the first Emergency Action Step for Adult CPR?

This is a practice test for those studying CPR/AED courses.  It is designed by a student for the purpose of learning through teaching.

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    Breathing Emergencies:  Step 1 "Size up the scene."  What are the five steps in order?

To receive credit, the following Quiz must be completed with a 90% or higher. Upon completion of the quiz please submit your certificate to the EAP office via fax, email, or mail. Please note to email the certificate you must...

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  • Sample Question
    The American Heart Association recommends Child CPR for _________________?

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CPR Questions & Answers

What should you do if you feel too tired to perform any more CPR compressions (and your coworker is by your side)?
When you give CPR to an unconscious person whose heart has stopped, you will call for a switch when you feel tired. This is so that you can continue CPR without getting extremely exhausted. When you call for the switch, you will finish your round of
Should I give someone CPR if I don't know how to perform it (or call 911)?
If you don’t know how to perform CRP and you are all alone, it is better to call the emergency number (911), so that the emergency dispatcher that answers your call can assess the situation and provide you with the proper instructions on what t
What should you do while performing chest compressions during CPR, you hear a cracking sound like the sound of ribs breaking?
There are a lot of people who have never done CPR before who may freak out when they hear ribs being broken. It is not uncommon to break a few ribs while CPR is being performed on the patient. This is especially true when the patient is already old.
What should you aren't able to perform successful ventilation with the jaw thrust on a patient that was injured in a car accident?
It is vital that the patient will get enough oxygen especially if he is having problems with his airways. A person who is not able to breathe for a few minutes will die. The fact that one person cannot breathe is already an emergency. Those who are
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